Guest Posts

If you’d like to write a guest post, I’d love to hear from you! You can e-mail your post to me or, better yet, let me add you as a contributor user to my blog. You’ll need to contact me via the form below to get the login information so I can set you up.

After the contact form is a template of the items I think are important in my posts, but feel free to do your special twist.

Reviewed by: Your name, profession (if you’re comfortable with that), website address, etc. If you haven’t read this book within the last month, please note when you read the book (month & day if possible).

Title of the book and author’s name

Links to author’s website (or publisher website  if no official author site available) and/or video trailer(s). The video trailer can be from the author, publisher or from fans. Please note the video origin. You can link to more than one video if you’d like.

Tags/Keywords for Interest Grade Level, Awards Won (for this title or series, not the author)  and Category

Summary (keep it to a paragraph or two and don’t spoil the ending!)

Personal Reaction: What audience did you have in mind while reading it? (“I thought it was stupid, but I know kids will giggle!”) Did you love it? like it? hate it? Why? Can you think of anyone who would disagree with you? Why? Any Cautions: is it suitable for reading aloud to children in school? As a middle school librarian, I am sensitive to the use of cursing, drug use, violence, sexual references or experiences, etc.

Curriculum or discussion topics: Besides using this as a fun classroom read, would there be any reason for teachers to use this book for a unit of study?

Connections to other books: Are there any other books mentioned in this one (do the characters read or talk about books they’ve read)? If students liked this book, would there be others you would recommend? Is there any nonfiction title that might interest the reader? (For example, if the main character is a juggler, bowler, football player, etc. are there other titles available for that grade level that would teach them how to do that too? Characters who get bullied related to bullying evasion strategies or books about cliques?)

Items to display with book: Physical objects, photos, etc. that are featured in the story that would make an interesting display to draw kids in to look closer, show them something they might not be familiar with?

Food items connected to story: If you were having a Read & Feed or book party, what items were mentioned in the story or loved by the characters that kids could experience?


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