Daughter Moon by @hg47 Harv Griffin

Here’s the author’s blog but I could not find any video book trailer online.

Description: (from Goodreads.com) DAUGHTER MOON is Old School hard Science Fiction at 122,840 words, with Matriarchy as the twist. All the Usual Suspects: Alien Invasion, teleportation, space battles, nanotechnology, virtual reality; a nobody suddenly given incredible powers; a struggle for the survival of our race and the future of the Universe; a Love more powerful and decisive than any technology.

Personal Reaction: Some of the discussion of the science in this science fiction was a little too detailed for me, so I skipped over it. In general, the book was a lot of fun with tongue-in-cheek humor. Inflating and deflating body parts on a whim depending on your technical proficiencies seems like an interesting future. I enjoyed Aero and Kronos discussing religions and space-time travel in a locked room while Aero makes everyone else thinks she’s a “victim of horizontal violence.” Changing every since instance of the word man to woman and boy to girl was a little over the top at first, but I got used to it. The black royal class was why I took on this book for review, but unfortunately they were not the main players in the story.

Summary: Jack’s future self snaps some bracelets on him and sends him off in time to save the universe! As he struggles to master the art of time travel, a few pit stops along the way cause enough sensation to have a religion spring up around his appearances. After a new technology called eNet “kills” the inhabitants of Earth, only a colony of women on the Moon are around to populate the galaxy. Jack has become goddess Kronos to them through the millenia, and techno-hacker Kali and her astronaut team are sent out to try to intercept “her” at the next possible appearance. But what will they do when they find out she is a he? What will everyone want to do with him??

Any Cautions: This book is for adults, not children. The one man available is having a great time, though same-sex relationships are the norm for this society of all women.

Connections to other books: I’m a fan of the Foundation series by Asimov and the Dune series by Herbert.


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