Nimpentoad by Henry Herz

author’s website  includes 30 sec. video trailer

Summary: Nimpentoad leads fellow Niblings through the forest to ask Goofus the giant if they can live with him for mutual benefit. Along the way, Nimpentoad uses his wits to prevent capture by larger creatures like Goblins, Trolls and wolves.

Personal Reaction: Beautiful illustrations! The audience level is elementary rather than middle grades, so I found it much too simple for my taste, but at only 44 pages I didn’t worry about time wasted.  Maybe fun as a “chapter a day” read aloud in grade 2?

Discussion topics: food art; character trait discussion ideas are detailed in end pages

Items to display with book: branches, chariot toy, action figure goblin creature in armor, various size, color & shape eggs

Food items connected to story: strawberries, blueberries, boysenberries (whole, salad, skewers, or smoothies/milkshakes); mushrooms, bird eggs and bug eggs (use several types: cooked white, yellow, wild, etc.) as omelettes, poached, scrambled; tomatoes, spinach, carrots, yellow squash, brown potatoes


disclaimer: I received a free pdf copy for review via e-mail from the author


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