The Color of Magic (Discworld bk 1) by Terry Pratchett

author’s website                       series video trailer

Summary: A failed magician named Rincewind is being stalked by Death (“Sod you!” says D, “Piss off! says R) as he tries to keep a bumbling tourist named Twoflower from being robbed or killed by unsavory townsfolk. They end up in adventure after adventure as they travel around Discworld with all sorts of magical beings and near-Death experiences. The cute sidekick being the trunk of gold belonging to Twoflower having feet to follow along and teeth to keep prying hands away from T’s undies. Also adorable are the demons in T’s camera and pocketwatch.

Personal Reaction: I am so in love with this author’s wry witticisms. As I said in my Goodreads review of (book 30) The Wee Free Men, I don’t think middle grade kids will “get it” unless they have a sophisticated sense of humor. Maybe HS or adult. There is mention of whores and whoring several times, but it is tongue-in-cheek (and I don’t mean that to be a pun).

Connections to other books: other books in the Discworld series (and there are many), Gaiman’s Good Omens has this sort of humor too as Pratchett was a co-author. It also reminds me of the scene in T.H. White’s The Once and Future King as Pellinore and Grummore joust together.

Items to display with book: Trunk of gold, magician’s hat, astronaut’s helmet, photo of Discworld, dragon, chess set?

Food items connected to story: chocolate gold coins, grape juice (wine), seaweed biscuits, candied octopus (maybe gummy worms?), pulled pork…


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