Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Had Spring Break to finish an adult choice recommended by someone who added it to my “must read” list at school. (It could have been a kid who added it, but I hope it was an adult! If the recent movie was anything like the book, then my middle school kids shouldn’t have been watching that R rated film!)

It took a very long time to get going, there’s a huge family tree to get through and backstory about Swedish industry, but the murder mystery definitely was worth the wait. Why a 25 year old needs a “guardian” I’ll never understand!

I listened to the audiobook via iPod, but I’ve heard that the printed book helps a lot with a map of the island and geneology tree. I even heard that the Kindle or iPad version had interactive content? Sounds really cool! Without the audio version, I would really have struggled with the pronunciations.

If you read the wikipedia entry, be prepared for spoilers… but that didn’t hurt me reading the novel after. It was really rather interesting to find out all that the author had gone through because of his job, how he ended up writing these books, and the whole marriage registry/privacy issue in Sweden. Too bad the author’s family can’t get along…so here’s the publisher’s website rather than any of the ones with the author’s name on it.


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