Evermore by Alyson Noel

Grade: 8th and up (YA)           author’s website          publisher’s website includes video book trailer

Summary: 16yo Ever is reeling from the shock of being the only survivor of a car accident which killed her whole family. She has gained psychic gifts (seeing auras, reading images/thoughts) since her brush with death, but she does not want to be able to hear everyone all the time – so she wears hoodie sweatshirts and pumps the volume up on her mp3 player’s headphones. In walks mysterious and perfect-in-every-way Damen who has eyes for no one but Ever. Will they ever be able to come together? Add one younger sister’s ghost, one perfect-in-every-way-but-psycho ex-girlfriend, plus one typical hs catty girl, and a bit of best friend drama, and the story is over.

Personal Reaction: I really thought I was going to like this book, it started off well and got me interested right away. But, by the end I was quite frustrated with it. (Don’t get me wrong, I am a repeated reader of the Twilight Saga by Meyer no matter what the critics have said, so I have my faults!) And since Evermore is the first in a long series, I must be one of the few that doesn’t like it.  Aunt is never around. A smattering of curses, nothing gratuitous. A little high school mention of going all the way and rolling around under a blanket together but nothing gets further – he repeatedly affirms that he can wait. Brief bout with alcohol (vodka) as an escape from hearing the noise. Way too often Damon fails to explain what Ever wants to know with a “we have forever together to figure this all out” or “it’s magic,” and that seems enough for her, but it was not enough for me. They are soul mates and that’s supposed to be enough explanation for us.

Connections to other books: I prefer Beautiful Creatures by Garcia to this one.

Discussion with kids: Immortality and reincarnation, symbolism of flowers, psychic ethics?

Display: Red tulips & white rosebuds, tarot cards, hoodie sweatshirt, mp3 player w/earbuds, red Miata convertible model, photo of Marie Antoinette, wooden bridge model or photo of the representation of “crossing over”, temporary snake tattoo

Foods connected to the story: drink bottle with thick red liquid (maybe use V-8 without the label?), frosted cupcake


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