What I Was by Meg Rosoff

I first mistakenly read How I Live Now by this author when a student had recommended What I Was: A Novel. I thought HILN was good, but this one didn’t suit me and I don’t know who the audience should be. Basic story is unhappy boarding school 16yo boy finds himself attracted to another teen boy named Finn with the idyllic seaside life living alone in the ’60s. If I tell any more, I’d reveal the twist. The ending was especially unsatisfying, and I wasn’t even looking for a happily ever after anyway. The relationship is too difficult to figure out, for the main character and the reader IMHO.
Much brief locker room talk between roommates about smoking, trading porn mags, and getting buggered by older men (hypothetically).   Grades 8+  Penguin publisher book summary             Author’s website

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