Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

I have had two girls tell me this was the “best book ever.” Starts out with a STUPID premise. The moon gets hit by a big asteroid and moves closer to the earth (enough to make it visibly larger within a few minutes — and then stops??) causing tsunamis and later volcano eruptions everywhere plunging the earth into a perpetual winter. The family starves slowly and is nearly wiped out by flu. Yes, if you can get past the premise, the drama of watching those you love and everyone else you ever knew die is a slow horror. I was surprised that the storyline did not include what I feel would be inevitable experience for the main character’s family, either as victim or aggressor: looting and violence, pitting neighbor against neighbor. However, mention is made that its not safe for girls to go anywhere alone and a high school friend basically sells herself to a man for food for her family. But the end, to me, was just as unsatisfying due to its improbability. I had a 6th grade boy fall in love with the series, but he said that it did give him bad dreams. Grades 7 and up.    Author’s blog


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