A Ballplayer’s Choice by Reed Lengel

Date reviewed: 4/15/04                                 Age/Grade:  YA        IL 9-14

Personal Reaction: I understand that this is a sports book that’s supposed to hold the boys’ attention, but I thought it was too neat or too simplistic (obvious) to be very riveting.

Points for discussion with children:  sports ethics, honesty

Possible classroom uses: Could be used in a unit on ethics, especially sports (pro players in the news as a current events tie in).

Connections to other books? Baseball lovers fiction – Maniac Magee by Spinelli, any of the Baseball Card Adventures series by Gutman. Baseball non-fiction & biographies: All You Can Be: Dream It, Draw It, Become It!     Jackie’s Nine: Jackie Robinson’s Values to Live By

Realia: baseball bat, mitt, ball; Yankees jersey, fake money


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